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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Paralegal

Paralegals have legal training and knowledge of the substantive and procedural aspects of law and are capable of independent legal work, performed subject to the general supervision of a lawyer. The Law Society of Paralegal Task Force provides the following definition:  “A paralegal is a non-lawyer employee who is competent to carry out legal work that, in the paralegal’s absence, would need to be done by the lawyer.” 

I've been issued with a speeding ticket. should i just pay it?

NO. Even a minor speeding ticket has more penalties than the fine listed on the ticket. Speeding tickets can affect your insurance rates and your ability to drive for years to come. Fighting the speeding ticket is the best way to keep your driving record clear, and your insurance rates low. 

How much will a paralegal cost me?

Each matter is unique. The more complicated, the more time that will be needed to assess your case, prepare your documentation and properly represent you. Flat and hourly rates are available. An action can often settle before trial, which will lessen the legal costs. It’s not possible to predict accurately how much a court action will cost.

Can A Landlord charge a tenant a damage deposit?

NO. A landlord cannot collect a damage deposit that they would use if there is damage done to the unit. Also, a landlord cannot use the last month’s rent deposit to cover damages in the unit. If the landlord finds that a tenant has damaged the unit or caused damage to the building, the landlord can give the tenant notice and/or ask them to pay for the damages. If they do not, the landlord can apply to have the Board determine if there are damages and what should be done about them.

I Missed my court date. WHat can i do?

It would depend on what kind of court date you missed. If its a Part I, you will likely be deemed not to dispute the charge and convicted. You should attend the courthouse and confirm. If you are convicted and it was through no fault of your own or a necessary document (trial notice) didn’t reach you, you may qualify for a reopening. You should get legal advice. Reopenings save you from costly Appeal proceedings

Will I have to attend Court if I hire you as my legal representative?

You are required to attend at the Settlement Conference and at the Trial. RLS will attend with you as your legal representative and address the Court.

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